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Quick & Dirty 10 with Jai Tanninen


ART/BEAT recently sat down for 10 quick questions with Edmonton artist Jai Tanninen. Check out his work in the upcoming show at Mercer Vacancy Hall on February 7, 2014! The night will also feature Dusty Grooves, DMT, Orlesko, Audio Sex and NGYOFACE. Tickets available at Foosh on Whyte.


Jai Tanninen, “Liberty”, 2013


A/B: What’s your preferred medium to work in?

J: Acrylicon canvas or ink and brush on paper.

A/B: Do you pre-plan your pieces or let the process guide you?

J: I start with a feeling and let the piece guide me.

A/B: Is there a specific era of pop culture that influences you the most?

J: The birth of 60’s pop and the neo-romantic 80’s. It’s a tie.

A/B: When or where do you get inspired?

J: I get inspired by my experiences and the people around me. I try to represent myself as a member of my time and place.


Jai Tanninen, “Tarzan”, 2013

A/B: Which artist(s) have influenced your practice?

J: Keith Haring, Claes Oldenberg… that’s tough. I love the impact of the 60’s and 80’s artists. There is poetry there and plenty of cultural relevance. I wish our time had such clearly defined themes.

A/B: Do you have a favourite local artist?

J: I’m still discovering the art scene here but I have grown fond of Gordon Harper.

A/B: Do you listen to music while creating work? Does it influence your process?

J: I can’t work without music. You have to get a rhythm going. Music is a huge influence.

A/B: What’s the first thing you do once you’ve completed a piece?

J: As soon as i finish a work I’m usually really tired so I’ll go to bed in the wee hours.

A/B: What’s your process like for choosing titles?

J: I have a hard time titling my work sometimes. I would title them with paragraphs so I usually steal lines from songs or something I’m watching that feels like a fit. I am known to change titles until the last minute.

A/B: And just for fun: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

J: That’s a tough one there are a lot of places i would like to go. It would be really cool to road trip across the U.S.

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