Archive Divin’

Going through archives and again getting organized to get some proposals out, I came across an exhibition catalog from “GEORGIAN – JOSHIBI; An Exchange Exhibition of Works on Paper” from October 2007 to February 2008. I was in my fourth and final year of Art school and this show was an exhibition with our Japanese sister school (who knew?) and the show took place in our campus gallery for the first half and in the new year 2008 hung at Joshibi University in Japan. Students had to submit works on paper to a jury and I submitted what I thought to be a cheeky piece because it was on acetate (actually ruby lithography transfer but functions the same as, but with a much deeper ruby colour). Subsequently and amusingly it was photographed and published backwards in the catalog and I assume hung front to back at Joshibi as well. That’s what I get for getting cheeky? At any rate it was fun revisiting that show and my piece. I wish I saved some of these drawings because all I have left is this picture from what I can find. You can see in the image below the paper taped to the back of the ruby transfer (not very sharply rendered because of course the sharper ink would be on the other side of the paper taped to the ruby transfer. You know, the front side). This way does put the paper in the forefront, however, and I like that there was some confusion about how to look at it.

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