I grew up in Barrie, Ontario and knew I wanted to be an artist from a young age. I spent most of my free time drawing during my childhood and later began to experiment and fall in love with painting and became involved in as much artistic activity as I could find. I studied art at Georgian College and Thompson River U in Ontario and BC respectively. After school I lived in Vancouver before settling into my current location of Edmonton, Alberta. Here, I am enjoying the emergence of new and developing frontiers in the culture around me as well as in my own artistic practice as I draw influences from the ideas and relationships around me.

My work explores the complexities of human identity. I use a continually developing personal form of visual language to paint or draw, generally from my imagination or found imagery. I want to explore and experience painting and drawing as traditional media while using stylistic references from the history of paint and media use, and the relationship between sentiment and sincerity.  I want to explore the many connections between image and meaning, and the formal aspects of colour and composition in image making. It’s the joy of painting. I imagine a world where, while the artist acts form their own experiences, the viewer can establish their own connections between themselves, the artist, and the world around them. Where they can reflect on the effects and value of experiences and the systems by which we represent them.

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