I grew up on Lake Simcoe in Barrie, Ontario, and have been interested in art and images from a young age. I spent most of my free time drawing during my childhood and in my adolescence I began to paint. I studied for my bachelors of fine art at Georgian College and Thompson River U in Ontario and BC respectively. In 2008, after graduation, I moved to Vancouverto make art and enjoy the west coast before settling into my current location of Edmonton AB. Here, I am enjoying the emergence of new frontiers in the culture around me as well as in my own artistic practice and am observing how communities express emotional reaction to the occurrences in and around them.

My work explores the complexities of human identity. I paint or draw from found imagery to explore the possibility of implied narratives and express an interest in painting and drawing as traditional media.  I want to explore the many connections between image and meaning, and the formal aspects of colour and composition in image making. I imagine a world where, while the artist acts form their own experiences, the viewer can establish their own connections between themselves, the artist, and the world around them. Where they can reflect on the effects and value of experiences and the systems by which we represent them.

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