As an artist (especially a particularly anxious one), the few weeks/months after submitting proposals for shows can make you feel a little cagey. Preparing new proposals and working on work (as usual, #ABM #alwaysbemaking) and always, in the back of your head, you wonder when you’re going to get the “thank you for your submission we encourage you to apply in the future but right now we think you’re an amateur so don’t quit your day job” email. OK most of that is not what they would say but that’s... Read The Rest →

Archive Divin’

Going through archives and again getting organized to get some proposals out, I came across an exhibition catalog from “GEORGIAN – JOSHIBI; An Exchange Exhibition of Works on Paper” from October 2007 to February 2008. I was in my fourth and final year of Art school and this show was an exhibition with our Japanese sister school (who knew?) and the show took place in our campus gallery for the first half and in the new year 2008 hung at Joshibi University in Japan. Students had to submit works on... Read The Rest →

Artist Spotlight – Western Canada Fashion Week Artist Spotlight: Jai Tanninen in latest news  by danielle fuechtmann april 21, 2016 0 comments Western Canada Fashion Week was proud to present the work of Jai Tanninen, whose art lined the walls of the theatre this past season. Tanninen’s work is currently on display in the city and we’re pleased to share more about his background and passion for art:       Jai Tanninen has always loved art. As a child growing up on Lake Simcoe in Barrie, Ontario, he never wanted to be a fireman or... Read The Rest →

Quick and Dirty Interview

Copy and paste the link below to read the article in ART/BEAT’s sire of read the transcript below the link.   Quick & Dirty 10 with Jai Tanninen   ART/BEAT recently sat down for 10 quick questions with Edmonton artist Jai Tanninen. Check out his work in the upcoming show at Mercer Vacancy Hall on February 7, 2014! The night will also feature Dusty Grooves, DMT, Orlesko, Audio Sex and NGYOFACE. Tickets available at Foosh on Whyte. Jai Tanninen, “Liberty”, 2013 THE QUESTIONS A/B: What’s your preferred medium to work in?... Read The Rest →

Your Friends Have Secrets

I was going through my media archives and realized I haven’t posted any. Here is the entry for my last show in Ontario with my friend Brian before I moved about a decade ago. Copy and paste the link to see the page from Paul Petro Gallery in Toronto:

Imaginary Portraits

When I get new paint I often want to make a portrait of an imaginary person. Some mysterious hint of an implied personal story. The new spectrum of colours make me think of what the best use of as many of them as possible would be and that leads me to thinking about skin tones and eyes and hair and “the portrait.” The Portrait in its art historical context contrasted with our age of images, sex and selfies. I think about all the portraits that I’ve ever seen in all... Read The Rest →

Black and White

Thinking about the three main modes that I work in (and there may be more, plus some sub-modes) and one of the other primary modes that I work with: drawings. Generally large, graphic, black and white mixed media figurative drawings dealing with pop culture, art historical references and personal anxieties. These drawings are made quickly usually beginning with projecting a figurative image, often from mythological or classical references, and then creating other elements around that as a base. When I’m making them I feel a big sense of urgency. Like... Read The Rest →


I’ve been thinking about how to best present my work to audiences as I try to get up the nerve to send out another wave of show proposals and I seem to have broken my work down into a few individual series’ these days. I think. I will draw in black and white on large pieces of paper, paint imaginary portraits, and paint images that are interiors with bits of furniture and art on the walls. I feel strongly towards all three, but I think the interiors hold the most... Read The Rest →

Almost 2015

Been making lots of art. Lots and lots. Very excited about a new direction I want to work in. I want to hone my painting skills practice and make a suite of interiors, similar to some of the ones that I’ve been trying for the last few months. The fantastic Mr. Michael Ng photographed most of my current body of work and I want to clear space in my studio and move forward with my practice and develop my work, so for the month of September 2014 I will be... Read The Rest →


From about October of 2013 to February I was busy making lots and lots of drawings for an installation at the Mercer Vacancy Hall on 104 Street here in Edmonton.  I was asked if I was interested in design for events and I absolutely was.  The idea of the organizers, Window Kids Productions, was to showcase local artists and DJ’s in emerging venues across the city. My idea revolved around a “dream machine” where a series of drawings would be shown like giant paper lanterns.  I got to team up... Read The Rest →

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